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Why Swimming Pool Colours Can Make a Difference 

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are blue, aren’t they?  Why would they be anything accept blue, that is always the colour of swimming pools.  If these were your first reactions to reading the title of this article, then you are not alone.  It can be a little bit of a strange concept to think about the something as seemingly trivial as the colour of your swimming pool when there is seemingly no end of technical and practical considerations that need to be made when owning and maintaining one.  But professionals, such as West Coast Pool Resurfacing, know that if you have gone to the expense of having a pool fitted or renovated, surely you will want it to be absolutely perfect.  This means the entire pool, encompassing every aspect of its design and implementation, and the colour is a key part of this design that is often overlooked.

glass swimming poolFeel it out

When trying to decide on the colour of your pool, you need to ask yourself what kind of feeling and mood you want to set in your garden.  Obviously the pool is going to take up a large amount of space and as such whatever colour is incorporated into the pool is going to have a big effect on the overall feel of the area.  A good guiding point for this decision is the external design and colour of your home as having an ultra modern house with a brown or sandy coloured pool might not be the best combination to compliment each other.

Size matters

If you have a relatively small garden that is dominated by your pool, then the colour of your pool will undoubtedly set the overall tone.  If however, the garden is quite sizable and the pool is only a part of it, then it will be offset by the design of the rest of the garden.  Similarly is the pool is enclosed in a pool house, then you need to take its visibility into consideration also.  ultimately , how much space your pool is going to be taking up should play a big part in informing your decisions as to the design of the overall outdoor space as well as the shape and colour of your pool.


What you place around your pool can help compliment the colour and overall design aesthetic of the whole garden.  If you prefer a light coloured pool, then you should consider placing garden furniture and decorations around it that are of a darker hue and similarly if you opt for darker colours in your pool, surrounding it with lighter coloured objects is a good idea.  Just like in any room of your house, offset and tonal contrast are good design tools.

pool ligthingLight

Considering how your pool will reflect the sunlight is the other big consideration.  Lighter colours will absorb the sun’s rays more and can lead to warmer pools but can cause surface glare more easily.  Conversely dark coloured pools will cause a greater reflective effect and can make it more difficult to see debris on the bottom.

Colour is important to all aspects of design and your pol is just as important as your wallpaper, so consult your pool installer for any help and guidance.

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