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What is interior design? What is a fit-out? What is a renovation? What are the pros and cons?

What is interior design? What is a fit out? What is a renovation? What are the pros and cons? Click…
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Decorating your office or home can be a real pleasure, watching a previously unliveable or unlikable space transform into somewhere that you actively want to spend your time.

An ugly, dark, and dreary office can actually make your employees less productive, and your customers rethink their relationship with you. Meanwhile, a beautiful, bright, and well-designed office can have just the opposite effect. 

But does your office need interior design, a fit-out, or a renovation? Read on to discover the differences between these terms to help you discover which you need for your office…

What is interior design?

Interior design is the term used to describe improving the aesthetic of the insides of buildings. An interior designer will work to make the property as beautiful or pleasing as possible. They work with the structure and functionality of the place but with a focus on how it looks and feels. Interior design is both an art and a science, working to create an interior for your home or office that reflects you.

Interior design is a broader term, as it can be used to make a plan for decorating or updating a current interior. An interior designer can also plan out your interiors before the property has even been built. You can look at interior design at any stage of the process, while a fit-out or a renovation refers to specific situations.

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What is a fit-out?

A fit-out, to start with, refers to the process of designing and creating a space that is liveable, or workable, depending on its purpose. An office fit-out, for example, involves taking a space that could have just been a concrete shell and turning it into the office of your dreams. The right commercial fit-out company can deliver your ideal office in an impressive time frame and for excellent value.

A fit-out can include installing the electrical and mechanical systems that you may require, as well as the furniture, fixtures, and finishes. The term generally describes the entire process of going from a property that you could not work in, or perhaps really set foot in, to a fully operational and functional office. 

What is a renovation?

A renovation can often include some of the same work as a fit-out, such as installing new furniture, painting, and adding decorative touches. The main difference is that a renovation can only occur on an interior that has already been in use. For example, you can renovate your current office to change its layout, look, or style. If it already was an office, this is a renovation, not a fit-out. 

A renovation is used to improve the appearance of a space, or even the functionality. But it is a space that was already functioning beforehand. Opt for a renovation to add value to your home or office, to update its look, or simply because you want it to look better. Opt for a fit-out if you have an unfinished space that needs completely converting into somewhere you can live or work.

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You might have an interior designer create a plan for your home or office to make better use of the space and light before you renovate it to make it look the way that you want. You could also have an interior designer help plan a fit-out of your office. A professional fit-out company will offer the skills of an interior designer and also the necessary work such as electrical and carpentry. 

What are the pros and cons of a fit-out?

A fit-out for your office comes with many key benefits, not least of which is that you are starting from scratch, so you can choose to create a space that is exactly how you want it. You can decide on the layout, the furniture, and even perhaps some of the structure depending on the property. The importance of this cannot be overvalued. 

Some of the best reasons to choose a fit-out are:

  • You can decide on a layout that best fits with your work style and taste
  • You can stimulate productivity and motivation in your employees with the right design and work environment
  • You can create an office that reflects your brand identity and personal style
  • You can make the most efficient use of space by starting from scratch
  • You can decide on every aspect of your office from the ground up

There are some downsides to a fit-out that deserve a mention as well. They can be more expensive than a simple renovation and can take longer as you are making so many more big changes. The longer a fit-out takes, the more it can disrupt your business and prevent you from getting to work. But it is usually very much worth it in the end.

What are the pros and cons of a renovation?

A renovation similarly has many fantastic benefits. Some of the main ones are:

  • It will generally take far less time than a fit-out
  • A renovation tends to be cheaper than a fit-out
  • You can make a big impact with small changes

The big downsides to a renovation are that it is not always enough of a change and that you can’t renovate something that doesn’t exist. While a renovation may be cheaper than a fit-out if your office has not yet been set up, you have no choice but to install one. 

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Which is the best choice for me?

If you are deciding between an office that would require a full fit out, or one that would just need renovating, the decision can feel tough. While renovations do tend to be quicker, cheaper, and easier, you are still only polishing the surface of the interior. If you aren’t happy with the office, a renovation won’t always change your mind.

A fit-out, on the other hand, mostly means starting from scratch. While it does take longer and require a bigger investment in the short term, you can design the office you want from the start. This means less renovating down the road, a happier, more motivating work environment, and working in the office of your dreams.

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