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How to Get That Timeless Classical Look in Your Home


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Interior design can really change the look and feel of a property when done well. There are various different styles you can go with but there is a common trap which many people fall into. That is achieving something which looks fantastic for a few years but then quickly dates. As fashions and trends change so looks can look very old-fashioned very quickly. This will not only lead to you potentially having to redo it in the near future at further expense but also it can affect the value of the property or its saleability. A great way to avoid this is to choose a traditional, timeless style in your property that will stand up to the tests of time and not look like it is merely a fad or trend.

Traditional Colours

Be very mindful of your choice of colours in a property. Traditional style usually looks for you to use whites, creams, and beiges. These neutral colours present a good backdrop to your furnishings and any other colours which feature in accessories and such. It needn’t be entirely light neutral colours and darker shades can be introduced to offset them but use these sparingly. A muted palette will not date and will look clean, spacious and stylish no matter whether it’s the present day or going on into the future.


The classical design respects functionality rather than some looks which can be very much style over substance. Avoid rooms looking too busy or overly ornate. The size of the furnishings should complement the size of the room and the phrase ‘less is more’ very much applies. This, however, should be balanced against having all of the items which make the rooms look liveable and functional. Balance is key and, after all, you can always add more at a later date if it looks a bit sparse.

Avoid Trendy Items

As the name suggests, your style is meant to appear timeless. Therefore you need to seek out furnishings and items which are considered to be classic rather than rooted to a specific, and often short, period of time. Look through various sites and pictures to determine what it is you would like as these can look very different and achieve different effects whilst still remaining timeless. The big no-no is furniture and designs which are trendy. Often a certain look will be pushed onto customers which is very much in vogue but will quickly fall out of favour and you will be dating your property very soon into the near the future.


Natural Materials

Wood, stone and other natural materials will add colour, different textures and style to a room without dating it. Exposed wooden beams never seem to go out of fashion and also, given the muted palette of traditionally styled rooms, wood and stone will look very complementary. Make use of wooden vintage furniture by either using genuine antiques or to save yourself expense or hassle locating it visit an antique reproduction shop so you can get the look but without the associated costs whilst having modern-day build quality.

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