Why Is The LA Housing Market So Hot Right Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on Los Angeles real estate market. However, as of today, people are buying houses for cash LA faster and for more than the asking price. The housing market is now thriving across the country, and the competition is fierce among the buyers. If you are looking for a […]

How much should I pay and how often should I have my trees trimmed?

Are the wonderful trees in your garden looking somewhat dishevelled? Perhaps they could do with a bit of a trim? Who knows! Unless you’re an expert arborist, it’s OK if you don’t know everything there is to know about caring for the trees on your property (particularly if you’ve just moved in). In any case, […]

Historical mysteries most people have never heard of

It’s important to be careful when digging around in the ground; you never know what you might find.  In fact, if you plan on undertaking and serious digging then it is highly advisable to recruit the services of a professional locating company, as they can tell you exactly what is under you.  Given that our […]

water pump

The Benefits of Using an Irrigation System with Jet Pumps in Your Garden 

Higher Water Pressure at 50% of the Energy Cost! 

For any of you green-thumbed individuals out there, suggesting that you put the watering-can down and opt for an irrigation system instead, is likely going to go in one and ear and out the other. – Particularly given that watering your plants by hand affords you a great opportunity to become better acquainted with your garden.   Read more about The Benefits of Using an Irrigation System with Jet Pumps in Your Garden