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5 Things You Need to Know About Tree Removal

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Regardless of your reasons to remove the tree in your front yard or backyard, tree removal is not a small project. It involves the falling of large and heavy branches and stumps, large and heavy tools and height, none of the aspects indicates tree removal is a small project that should be done by yourself. When it comes to a big and tall tree, you might even want to hire professionals to do the regular tree lopping services. It is recommended to hire professionals if you want to remove the whole tree in your outdoor living space. However, you still can’t do whatever you wish with that old tree in front of your house, there are a few things you need to check before you begin.


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1. Check with the Council First

Once you decide to remove the tree in your outdoor space, you need to contact your local council and find out what the regulations are. You will need to tell them about the tree that you want to remove—how long has it been there and reasons why you want to remove it and ask for permission. The reason for this is some trees are classified as being protected. Proximity to Your Home and the Neighbours.


You need to inspect the distance of the tree and its branches to your home and your neighbours’, because when you remove overhanging branches and the stumps it might cause damage to your home or your neighbours. Small branches often look heavier than they look. It is a great move to talk to your neighbours if there is an overhanging branch above your neighbour’s property.

2.Underground Hazards

The roots of a tree is a like huge net that covers a big area of the soil. When all the branches have been cut down by professionals, you can’t just pull out the stump as the roots, buried cables, and plumbing pipes might tackle together. They could be damaged when you pull up the tree roots. This is one of the most legit reasons why you should not remove a tree by yourself. Professionals know the best.


3.Looking for Full Qualified and Insured Service

Tree removal can be a dangerous and unpredictable project, therefore you should hire professionals with public liability and insurance. Removing trees might involve accident—damage of cars or property and injuries. If the professionals you hire has no proper experience and insurance you should be liable for it. Look for a fully qualified and experienced tree removal company with good references.

4.Disposal of Tree Debris

Once the cutting part is done, you will be amazed by how much there is to clean up—stumps, branches, and debris. None of them can be left on your driveway to be picked up as regular garbage. Most of tree removal services have an on-site shredder so they can reduce disposal costs and make their job easier. When you hire professionals, check if the cost of disposal is included.

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