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The Benefits of Using an Irrigation System with Jet Pumps in Your Garden 

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Higher Water Pressure at 50% of the Energy Cost! 

For any of you green-thumbed individuals out there, suggesting that you put the watering-can down and opt for an irrigation system instead, is likely going to go in one and ear and out the other. – Particularly given that watering your plants by hand affords you a great opportunity to become better acquainted with your garden.  

However, the fact remains; the benefits of having an irrigation system with jet pumps in your garden far outweighs the need for you to spend half an hour in your garden every evening drowning your beloved Bottlebrushes.  

Certainly, there is nothing quite so beautiful as the way that water droplets look when effortlessly clinging to a colourful canvass of red and yellow and pink and green. – But what if we told you that there was a better way to water your plants? A method through which you could save an awful lot of time, reduce your overall energy costs and is ultimately better for your garden’s health?  


A quick look at why hand-watering your garden can be detrimental 

Let’s be honest, how much do we know about gardening? Certainly, many of you might be reading this with a wealth of gardening experience, however, the average homeowner will not. They’ll have a go at keeping their garden looking trim for those summer BBQ’s, but few people really know what they’re doing.  – A couple of quick You-Tube tutorials and a blog post or two and we think we’re Alan Titchmarsh 

Yes, it’s great to take an interest in your garden and it is even more important to want to take extra care of it. But the problem is that we adopt a watering strategy which tends to go something like this: ‘slowly pace around the garden pausing for several minutes at a time whilst I drown each individual pant from top to bottom with water’.  

Certainly, Mother Nature might go all out and occasionally drown your garden, but that doesn’t mean you have to adopt the same strategy. As the personal caretaker of your greenspace you must do exactly that: take care. The over-watering of stems and leaves will invariably lead to mould, rot and disease. In addition to that, damp areas under the leaves can grow mould. And the water droplets on leaves, fruit and vegetables will invariably magnify the sun’s rays which will cause the plant to burn. It’s all about preventative care, which is where an irrigation system with jet pumps can be of huge help, – ensuring that the job is handled consistently, whilst mitigating the hazards that come with over-watering your plants.  

The 4 Benefits of Adopting a Water Irrigation System in Your Garden  

1 – Water Conservation  

2 – Organisation 

3 – Threat Reduction  

4 – Save Time  

There are a number of different irrigation methods & designs that you can opt for, depending on the purpose of your garden. You can arrange your plants into a grid-like pattern and snake the irrigation system through each row, – creating an even spread throughout. It really is up to you!  

If you have any questions and would like to explore our services further, please feel free to get in contact with us today. – We’re always happy to help.  

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