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Knowing When Your Tree Needs a Trim 

tree lopping

If you have trees growing on your property, then you know that you have a responsibility to maintain them and ensure that their growth is managed and kept within a sensible boundary.  This means that sooner or later, any trees you have are going to need a trim, and this can be quite a taxing job, depending on the tree.There are numerous reasons why you would seek to prune a tree that ranges from aesthetics to safety, but regardless of why it needs doing, all trees will need pruning at some point.  Whether you choose to undertake this task yourself or hire a professional company like Lakeside Trees and Stumps to undertake the work for you, there are certain indicators that you should be watching out for that let you know it is time to prune your tree.

tree lopping

Excessive growth

If you have trees that are getting too big for their own good, then this is definitely a time to trim.  Getting too big can be characterised as reaching over fences or boundaries that you do not want them to, pressing against buildings or overshadowing areas or other plants and adversely affecting them as a result.  The key to growth management in trees is to take preventative action and not allow trees to overgrow.  It quickly becomes a problem when a tree has to be severely cut back, because although trees are remarkable things with incredible regenerative abilities if an overly large amount needs to be cut off then it can really harm the tree to the point of killing it.  So don’t let it get to this point and prune them regularly.


Like all living things, trees are susceptible to infection and disease, which means that when they do fall ill they are going to require treatment.  Now there are very few cases where any kind of medication is applied to trees, but this does not mean that no action should be taken when the disease does strike.  Often the most effective course of action is to remove the infected areas of the tree as soon as the problem is identified.  This prevents the tree from suffering further harm and ensures that it remains healthy.

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Weather damage

Storms are renowned for bringing down trees and any that you own will be no exception.  If you have a bad storm or flood then it is always worth inspecting your trees for signs of damage and weakness.  If you find any points that have been damaged by the storm then they will need removing before they break off of their own accord and cause further damage.

Caring for trees is a fairly in-depth task and one that should be taken seriously.  Leaving trees to grow freely will inevitably cause damage to your property, whether that be the garden or the house depends on where the tree is, but regardless of location, it will be a lot more to clean up than simply managing the trees properly, to begin with.

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