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How to Choose the Best Retirement Home for Yourself

When their children grow older and leave home, many elders start to look to downsize their current home or to look for a new home. For some people, they might start looking into it before. But this home will be the last for most people. Buying a retirement home is totally different from the times you bought a home when you were young. This time you don’t need to look for homes in an area with good public transport near a good school. Either you choose to stay in the same city, even the same community, or across the country to somewhere warmer, you should do some soul-searching regarding what you really want your golden years to be like. What you prioritize the most and what you prioritize the least. When looking to sell up your current home and buy a retirement home, you can consider looking for property development companies that may have build retirement-friendly homes with easy-to-use facilities in a good location for retirees. Here I have 5 tips for choosing the perfect retirement home for yourself.


1.   Single-level Home

No elders want to climb stairs every day anymore. That is the first thing they will look for—a home without stairs. Even a single stair regardless up or down will be a big issue for someone who is getting older.


2.   Have a Step-In Shower

The older the elders get, the harder it becomes for them to step in or out of a shower. A shower with a step is also a problem for someone who uses a wheelchair. The best showers for retirees should have no step and be easy for wheelchair users to get in and out. A spacious bathroom is also more convenient for retirees who can’t move freely as young adults.


 3.   Adequate Appliance Height

Now you might still be able to reach to that cabinet and bend down to that dishwasher, washing machine or dryer. You won’t be able to at some stage down the road. That is why it is important to look for a home with appliances height that you don’t need to stretch or bend down to reach.


4.   Pick the Right Location

The right location could be associated with your hobbies and preferences. Do you love traveling, or does your children and grandchildren live faraway? If so, you might want to pick a place where there is a major airport. What do you like to do for fun? Choose a home in an area where you can do the activities that you like.

5.   Buy Less Than You Can Afford

You will probably have some income when you are retired, and they might cover all costs for living, but you should still buy less than you can afford. You don’t know what is going to happen in the future. If an accident happens, you might have to fork out for the medical fees and the inconvenience potentially resulted afterwards.

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