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Renting a Holiday Property with Confidence


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More and more of us are looking at alternative forms of holiday accommodation. Traditionally the only real options were to stay in hotels and hostels, to be lucky enough to own a second property or to go camping. However many people are now developing properties specifically to be used throughout large portions if not all of, the year as rental holiday homes. As well as this there are numerous companies such as Airbnb who operate rental management services. However, if you are the customer looking to avail of such services what should you be looking out for to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal and that you can book with confidence?

Previous Customer Reviews

A great indication of what to expect with any type of purchase is to see what feedback has been given previously. Unhappy customers will often be quite vocal with their criticisms and so understanding why they were unhappy can help to guide your decision on whether to go with the offer or not. Any reputable company or individual should have both positive and negative testimonials available for you to read and if they do not it should probably set alarms bells ringing.


Check the Details Match-Up

It is frequent that listings can be inaccurate or even intentionally misleading to encourage people to part with their cash. You should always check everything that you possibly can before making any bookings because it can sometimes be too late to refund one without incurring a charge if you do discover something which makes you want to cancel. Have a check of where the property is on google maps to verify those claims that it is ‘within quick reach of local amenities’. Is there even a property at the location which has been claimed? It’s not unheard of for completely hoax listings to be put up so do yourself a favour and check the accuracies of the listing as much as you possibly can.

Are the Listings Updated

Look for signs that the property’s listing is up to date and being maintained to represent a true picture of how it is now. Some properties might have looked fantastic ten years ago when it was first put on the market but those pictures of an idyllic secluded location are barely recognisable since a new estate was built around the holiday home. You should be able to see evidence that any listing is being updated regularly or else you should be asking questions with the rental company or individual.


How Reputable Is the Renter

How professional and reliable a rental company or individual is will be key to your peace of mind when placing a booking. Going through a well-known holiday home rental company such as Airbnb management should cover you in case of cancellations or if there are any disputes which you need resolving. Less reputable companies or private renters could leave you out of pocket with no leg to stand on regarding making a claim against them.

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