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The Additional Benefits (And Functions) of Having a Luxury Granny Flat Built


granny flat is so much more than just a home where your elderly family members can spend their twilight years. There’s an element of doom and gloom which comes with the prospect of having a granny flat built, when in actuality it should be greeted with hope and joy. Mortality is a horrible thought, especially when it comes to one’s own parents, though it’s a fact of life and something that we should be prepared for.

Of course, the circle of life is sacred and eventually we’re all going to want to find a nice and quiet place to spend our twilight years; what better a place than close to your family? A granny flat affords your elderly parents the opportunity to be close to you and your children. Sure, they’re not going to be living in your pocket which is nice, but at least they’ll have company close at hand, without having to compromise on their freedom. Now, if you think you’d like to have a luxury granny flat built on your property; continue reading to discover even more reasons to do so!

So, we’ve established some benefits already, let’s take a look at some more:

  • Keep your elderly family members close
  • Your elderly family members can live in a more manageable environment which has been designed for their convenience
  • You can rely on your parents for babysitting at the last minute if you need to rush out for any particular reason (getting drunk!)
  • A luxury granny flat will bolster the value of your home
  • There is more than one function for a granny flat which can be utilised when your elderly parents pass

Again, nobody wants to have to think about it, but the fact remains: when your elderly family members pass, your luxury granny flat can be utilised in other ways.

granny flat

Other Functions for a Luxury Granny Flat

You Can Rent it Out

You may or may not wish to have strangers living on your property, though you can make all of your money back in no-time by renting the granny flat out as a self-contained annexe. You could even use this for renting to friends, family members or friends of family (if you don’t want to invite any old stranger into your home)

grannyFor When Your Children Are Almost Ready to Fly the Nest

Its no secret, how difficult it is for the younger generations to get onto the property ladder. Your teenage children might be ready to flock the nest, though are unable to afford their own home just yet. Now, rather than them having to pay extortionate amounts on renting a house, you can allow them to live in your annexe for free (or for a reduced amount) – this will allow them to experience a taste of freedom, whilst also being able to continue saving for their deposit. That and you’ll no longer have to look at the little buggers as well!

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