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Finding the Right AQF Qualified Arborist for Your Tree-Lopping Needs  

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The trouble with finding the right arborist to tend to the trees on your property is that anyone can cut down a tree. You have to be very careful when hiring someone to help as there are many tree-lopper ‘cowboys’ how claim to be qualified and certified, though in actuality, have no qualifications at all.

tree surgeonAnd you might think, ‘What qualifications do you need to cut down a tree? It can’t be that difficult!’ – Which is incorrect. Of course, it’s easy enough to cut a tree down with the right equipment, though without the proper training it is a terribly dangerous endeavour. In fact, it’s a terribly dangerous endeavour even with the training, licencing, equipment and experience!

However, fortunately, there are plenty of reputable, reliable and fully-licenced arborists out there, for example. You just need to know what to look for. So, if you come in contact with a tree-lopper, don’t be afraid to ask what sort of qualifications they have. Understand that they will be operating dangerous machinery and cutting down large, heavy and deadly trees. If done carelessly, a large tree can crush the roof of your house…or worse. It’s simply not worth the risk and besides, – any reputable arborist worth their salt would be more than happy to show you their qualifications. After all, obtaining an AQF qualification as an arborist is a long process.

AQF Qualified Arborists and the Various Levels

For a tree lopping business owner, the minimum required AQF level is 3. In this post we’re going to take a quick look at the various levels and what they entail.

AQF Level-1 Arborist

This is the entry level for arborists. Basically, a practicing arborist. So, if you come across someone that is only AQF Level-1, it is very much down to your discretion should you decide to work with them. However, they shouldn’t be operating any heavy machinery unsupervised by a Level 3.

Tree loppingAQF Level-3 Arborist

This level is qualified. An AQF Level-3 Arborist can operate heavy machinery, cut down, prune and manage trees. They will be more than qualified to run a tree-lopping firm and handle most day-to-day arborist duties.

AQF Level-5 Arborist

An AQF Level-5 Arborist is a fully-fledged tree-lopper with advanced knowledge of all things tree related. This means that they are qualified to offer expert consulting and write in-depth reports (Which is important for tending large trees in public areas such as hotels, malls and parks) So, if you would like a thorough plan for how to care for a large tree in an area where people health & safety is your responsibility, you’ll need to hire a fully-qualified Arborist.

At Your Own Risk

Of course, you’re not obliged to hire a qualified arborist if you want to save a buck. It’s your property and it’s your prerogative. If you’re more concerned with saving a few bucks as opposed to ensuring the health and safety of your family, then by all means. And that’s not to sound snarky, but we hear of too many occasions where people have tried to cut corners and ended up doing some serious damage. We advise seeking the advice of a professional like AB Trees for example. Be careful and do the right thing!

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