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The Key Benefits of Adopting Office Partitions  

Room Partitions

Whilst it’s great to have an open-plan office, there is such a thing as being too open. Like that one family member who likes to share too much information, oblivious to how it might haunt the rest of you. Promoting great flow and connectivity is essential, but some well-placed partitions can be of a huge benefit to everyone in the office. Here is a list of key benefits brought to you by Alpha Ceilings and Partitions:

office1 – Better privacy

Don’t forget, that a partition isn’t a walled off space that no one can see into. It’s not a square box that will make your employees feel trapped like a caged animal. Instead, it’s a reasonably sized partition that is no taller than the average human.

This allows your employees to feel as though they have relative privacy, without being cut off from the rest of the team. It enables people to feel more comfortable when cracking on with their work, though allows the ease of simply standing up or sitting higher in your chair if you need to ask a colleague in a neighbouring pod a question.

It promotes healthy communication, in that your employees won’t constantly be yapping to one another and will ultimately boost productivity.

2 – Reduced noise and fewer distractions

An entirely open plan office can become terribly noisy. By installing a simple partition between each desk, it will drown out the majority of unwanted sound. This means that those who wish to crack on with their work can do so without being distracted by every other conversation in the office.

In addition to that, remember that when people are competing with other surrounding conversations, then will invariably raise their voice – and so it goes until you can’t even hear yourself think.

room partitions

3 – Enhanced style

An open plan office without any partitions to break it up can end up looking like an exam hall; drab and overwhelming. Instead, you should opt to break the office up a little bit with some cleverly placed partitions. With the right approach, this can add an effortless style which you might otherwise have missed out on.

4 – Smart work spaces

Many people work well with a walled area surrounding their desk because it enables them to pin important documents in front of them. I personally like to pop a few post-its with dates and client’s interactions in an arc surrounding by computer screen, and a partition allows that.

Something as simple as that can really help to improve the way that your employees operate. There are many more advantages to opting for partitions, it really is what you make of it. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to raise the game in your office, then partitions are a great way to start.

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